Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rocket/RC Club

A few years ago, 4 H tried to do a Rocket Workshop.  The day of the workshop, there was a terrible storm.  It got rescheduled, but by then we were under a burn ban and could not set the rockets off.  The next year we were under a burn ban when the workshop was scheduled.  They did not schedule one the next year.

The boys were interested in rockets so we bought one from Hobby Lobby and put it together and got to launch it a few times.  But, it was a bigger rocket and without a good place to store it got broken.  A homeschool family (and one of our dearest friends) has a big interest in rockets and builds several different kinds of them and decided to start a Rocket/RC Club.  They had a few meetings in the fall and had to stop because of weather and now that it is getting warmer they are getting started back up again.  On Monday we got to go to our first meeting.

While the rockets were getting set up, the children got to drive around some remote control vehicles.

Each of the boys then got to launch a rocket.  Their favorite part I think was running after it to retrieve it after it was launched.

The girls kept quite busy while we were launching rockets.

We bought some small rockets for the boys to build.  Hopefully we will get them finished before next time and they can launch their own rockets.
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