Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4 H Talks, Talent, and Fashion Review

Monday was our 4 H county competition in the areas of Talks and Demonstrations, Talent, and Fashion Review.  We had quite a crowd this year!  There were more people involved in this year's competition than I have seen in our 7 years in 4 H.

I had all of the children with me since my hubby was working late.  My girls were really well behaved for the first hour and a half, but after that their patience ran out a bit.  If I'd have known how long we would be there I would have brought them some things to do, but for the last half hour I let them watch Cinderella on my phone with sharing some ear buds so we made it through and then ran to Walmart for some M&M ice cream sandwiches as a reward for those that competed and those that had to sit and be quiet so long.

Alex did his talk on rabbits that he did at our last 4 H meeting and got 2nd place in the Junior Animal Science category.

Christian did his talk on hatching chicks that he did at our last meeting.  He was very nervous, but he did a great job!  He got 1st Place in the Cloverbud Animal Science-Poultry category.

Chelsea competed in Fashion Review and won 1st place in the Senior Constructed Dressy category.  She was also going to sing in the talent competition, but her CD was burned out of iTunes in mP4 format and the CD player that was there did not read it, so she didn't get to sing her song.  But, she can go on and compete at district anyway in June.

I love this dress that she made!

We also got to hear talks on: Goats, What is Animal Science, How Does Animal Science Help Your Garden Grow, another talk on Hatching Chicks, Arkansas Children's Hospital, GMO's, Beekeeping, and Cows. We also got to hear two musical pieces one by a flute and another by a trumpet.  There were 5 people that competed in Fashion Review.

It was a great competition!

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