Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 25, 2014

April Cloverbud 4 H Meeting

For this month's 4 H meeting we headed back out to Grandview and had a program on butterflies.  We did not have many at the meeting, only 9 4 Hers, 2 younger siblings, and a teen leader.

After discussing some facts about butterflies and answering lots of questions about butterflies, the children got a butterfly to decorate.  We also talked about butterfly gardens and the importance of butterflies and bees to a garden.

Then we started building the butterfly houses.  The houses are to be hung in a garden to give the butterflies a place to go into to get out of the rain or to find some shade.  There are slits in the front so they can get in and out and a piece of tree bark inside for them to land on.  Most of the children used drills and screws to put it together except for Christian who used a hammer and nails.

Christian was so proud to make it by himself with only a little help from Miss Aneesah.

Here is a finished one.

Don't they look cool?  They can be painted too if you want them to be.  We are not keeping all of ours, we will donate a couple of them since 4 were made at the meeting and Anthony brought his home to make with his daddy.
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