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Our Family

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 30

This week I had a cold which gave me laryngitis for 3 days.  School was interesting, but we did get it done!  The day it was the worst I had Chelsea do the Bible reading for me and we only did one history lesson instead of two.  We did not work on the Pirate lapbook at all or the Bees Express Lapbook that I wanted to start, but those can wait until next week.

So what did we do?

We have been working on Philippians in 28 Weeks from Homeschool Adventure Company (that is what I had to have Chelsea read aloud for me) so we continued on with that. We started the chapter on dinosaurs in Land Animals.  After this chapter there are only 2 more to complete.  In history we have made it through the 1940's and our last two chapters we read were on baseball in America and Jackie Robinson.  Thankfully there was no read aloud for this section because I probably would've had to skip it!

Chelsea finished up Math U See Stewardship and is working on finishing the rest of her subjects.  She only has a few weeks left until graduation!

I started Logic of English Essentials with Christian and Anthony this week, and so far we really like it!  They enjoyed playing the card game and phonogram bingo this week and so far think the lessons are fun.  How much time you spend on it a day really can vary depending on how quickly you want to finish it and what age group you are working with.  We are not in a hurry to finish and have only been speding around 30 minutes per day on it.

Lillian is still working through Spelling You See.  We did not do a new read aloud this week, but we did get to work on our piano lessons from Adventus with Emelia.

Alex is working through AAS Level 4 and still reading The Cabin Faced West.  Nicholas only has a few lessons left in his Math U See Zeta and Visual Latin course, so I will be finding some things to fill in to give him something to do until the end of the year.

We found out we will be getting the last book in Apologia's What We Believe Series soon for review.  I am very excited about that!  We have gotten to do the other three books and they really are great especially when you are working with a wide range of ages and abilities.  We will be setting aside Bible Study Guide For All Ages until next fall while we work on that.

We had a great time at the 4 H Banquet and the children participated in Talks, Talent and Fashion Review this week.
We went by the library and got a few books.  Lily found a Princess Cookbook that had a lot of cute snakcs with a Princess theme.  We made the first snack in the book this week.  A magic wand using a pretzel rod, pink frosting, and sprinkles.  The children enjoyed this snack!

The most exciting part of the week was the newest member of our family arrived on Friday morning.  Art surprised the children and brought home a new Doberman puppy named Anna.  She is a very sweet puppy and the children are already spoiling her to death!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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