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Our Family

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 4 H Banquet

Every year, our county 4 H holds a banquet.  For those who have been in 4 H for over a year, you have to complete a record book or earn an award based on 4 H participation to receive an invitation to the banquet.  Those new to 4 H have an opportunity to turn in a 4 H story in order to receive a banquet invitation.  The Teen Leaders 4 H Club, which Chelsea is a part of, plans the banquet theme, makes the decorations, and chooses the menu and entertainment.  Each year rotates between a casual and formal theme.  This year's theme was "Putting On the Ritz With 4 H" and was a formal theme.  The menu was fruit salad, chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots, and cheesecake or brownie for dessert. Entertainment was provided by a local high school band.

In our 4 H program, those that complete Record Books who do not win a District Record Book  Award win a County Record Book Award.  4 Hers over the age of 16 can enter to win a Sate Record Book Award.  In addition to completing the Record Book, they have to submit a resume, and if selected as a finalist go through an interview.

Gem Awards are based on participation in 4 H activities.  Every activity is worth points and based on these points 4 Hers can win a Diamond, Emerald, or Sapphire Award.  Those with the highest participation win County Champion.  4 Hers can only win County Champion every three years.

Chelsea, Nick, Alex and I went to the banquet while Art stayed home with the younger children.  Christian could have turned in a journal, but I completely forgot to get it in before we went to Florida.  He wasn't disappointed though.  Anthony was not interested in doing one.

Alex won a District Award for his Utilizing Science and Technology Record Book.  He got a drawstring 4 H bag and will get a trophy at the District Competition in June.  He also won County Champion and received a 4 H duffel bag with his name on it.

Nick won a District Award for his Animal Science Record Book.  He also got a drawstring 4 H bag and will get a trophy in June.  He also won an Emerald Gem Award for 4 H Participation.

Chelsea won a State Award for her Home Environment Record Book.  She was one of two winners chosen from across the state.  She received a 4 H Garment Bag and won a trip to National 4 H Congress in Atlanta and will be eligible to apply for state scholarships next year.  She also won a Diamond Award for 4 H Participation.

She also won a $250 County Scholarship.  She was so excited and surprised!  She turned away as I was snapping the picture so I didn't get a very good one.

High School Seniors get to give a talk on their overall 4 H experience.  Chelsea gave a very good speech about her 4 H story and the many things 4 H has given her including  educational opportunities, life skills, leadership and community service opportunities, and the opportunity to learn a new skill and then teach it to others.  She also talked about the self confidence she has gained from being a part of 4 H and the opportunity to overcome her fears of things like public speaking. Even though she can stay a 4 H member until she is 19, she most likely will not be as involved in 4 H once she starts college in the fall.  But, she will continue to carry with her everything she has learned from being part of 4 H.

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