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Our Family

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 31

I cannot believe our homeschool year is winding down.  It seems like it has only just started!  Though we do some school all year round, our summer schedule and curricula is different from our regular school year.  In the summer we will focus on review products and some fun hands on activities.  We only have about 4 weeks left in our regular school year, but we will still have plenty to do.

Monday was our required yearly testing.  As part of the Arkansas Homeschool Law, children in grades 3-9 have to take the Math and Reading portions of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  For our house that meant that Nick and Alex had to test.  The test itself is less than 2 hours, but we had to drive 20 minutes each way plus be there early to set up and stay to put everything away.  I grabbed the kids pizza for lunch and by the time we made it back home it was 12:30 and I declared school completed for the day.

This week in history we learned about the 50's.  We also started a new read aloud, Homer Price by Robert McCloskey.  It is a really fun read aloud and has some great illustrations.  We finished the chapter about dinosaurs in our Apologia Land Animals book for science.  We are awaiting our new bible curriculum to arrive from Apologia and during Bible time have been working on Philippians in 28 Weeks.  

Christian, Anthony and I have been enjoying working through Logic of English Essentials every day.  They have been reviewing phonograms, learning spelling rules, and what nouns and adjectives are.  Lily is completing one page per day in Spelling You See.  The three of us started Heroes and Heroines of the Past this week and learned about Native Americans and the Vikings.  We even got to make Viking ships out of homemade playdough.

Nick has completely finished Math U See Zeta.  The other boys have a few weeks left  to go in their books.
We created slab sculptures using our Artistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique Model book this week.  They should be ready to paint today or tomorrow.  We also had fun at our Art Co-op learning about Monet and creating two pieces of Art.

Lily and Emmie read The Carrot Seed this week from Before Five In A Row.  To go along with that book we learned about different types of seeds and decided to plant some.

The children want to raise rabbits this year.  So the other day they built a rabbit hutch.

They did a really good job!  I was proud of them for getting it finished all by themselves.

Chelsea has finished all of her Math U See Stewardship and all of his Physical Science text.  She has a few labs left to complete.  That leaves her a few weeks left of Economics, Bible, and Poetry.  She is still working on learning German and Russian on Mango Homeschool, but she can continue to work on that until our subscription ends next January. Only one month left until graduation!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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