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Our Family

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 33

It has been an interesting week in our homeschool.

I ended last week's wrap up with coloring Easter Eggs on Saturday.  On Sunday we went to church and then went and picked up our new rabbits Elsa and Olaf.  The children were so excited and spent lots of time Sunday afternoon holding and playing with the bunnies.  Emmie was pretty tired so I brought her in to lay on the couch and watch a movie.  Antony came in too and went upstairs to play legos.  A little while later Chelsea came down and said Anthony's face looked funny like it was swollen.  I went to check on him and sure enough his face was very swollen almost to the point that his eyes were swelled shut.  He was very itchy and had a runny nose.  I put him in the shower and filled him full of benadryl for a few days.  We also put ice on his eyes which helped him to feel better.  We have always had rabbits and I was very surprised that he had a reaction.  I wasn't sure if we should keep them or not, but we have decided to for now.  Anthony is not allowed to hold them though.

I took this just a little while before his face started swelling

But, to make Anthony feel better about not being able to hold the rabbits, we decided to get him his own pet that he could take care of.  He really wanted some new tadpoles, ones that would turn into land frogs not aquatic frogs.  So I ordered this from Nature's Gift Store.  The really nice thing is that you can get the habitat, food, and supplies from the same place as the tadpoles.  You do not have to wait and get that stuff first and then send a coupon to someone else and have to wait forever for the tadpoles to arrive.  I ordered them on Tuesday, it shipped on Wednesday, and by Saturday morning his new tadpoles arrived.  He named them Croak and Hopster.

While we are talking about animals, our chicks are doing really well.  They are healthy and getting very big.  I took this picture on Wednesday one week after we got them.

We did do school this week of course.  Anthony was excused from schoolwork on Monday and so by default Christian did not have to do history or Logic of English Essentials because they do those together.

We finished up Homer Price and learned about the 70's and started the 80's in history.  One of the things that we were learning about was the first rockets which was very interesting because we were building rockets for rocket club that day and I didn't even plan that.  We did not get to fly our rockets because we got rained out, but hopefully will get a chance tomorrow.  The younger children were learning about Explorers.  The boys were fascinated to know that Ponce de Leon is a real person not just someone who was talked about in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Science had us finishing up our chapter on Arachnids.  We only have one chapter left of Land Animals and we will be finished will the book!

Completed map

We are still working on finishing Math.  Christian is on his last lesson.  Alex and Anthony have a few more and of course Nick and Chelsea have finished.  I am excited that I will have an opportunity to review Learning Wrap Ups with the children.  The timing is perfect as I was hoping to find them some fun hands on math to use a little this summer before we start up our new levels of Math U See in August.

We will not finish Level 4 of All About Spelling, Spelling You See, or Essentials when we are ready to break from our regular curriculum for the summer.  Wherever we are when we finish the rest will be our stopping point and we will start back up in August.

We are really enjoying Apologia's What On Earth Can I Do?  We will not finish along with our other subjects since we just got it, but will continue to work on it some this summer.

We built butterfly boxes at Grandview on Thursday for 4 H.  Our soccer season also ended Thursday.  The children are sad it is over, but I will be glad to have some evenings at home!

We had a great time at our Art Co-op on Friday learning about Van Gogh and making 3 different art projects.

Chelsea had her first job interview and got hired.  She will be working (starting tomorrow) at a Sonic close by our house.  She is excited! She also got a job pet sitting for a couple from our church for a week and is excited about that as well.  She still has a little bit of Poetry and Bible to finish up before graduation in 3 weeks.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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