Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Grandview Program

We are continuing on with our Animal Classification series out at Grandview.  So far we have covered Arkansas Mammals and Arkansas Amphibians.  Today's program was on Arkansas Reptiles.

The children learned many things about reptiles such as: what makes a reptile a reptile, the main types of reptiles in Arkansas, what reptiles eat, where they are found, how they get around, how they breathe, how they reproduce, and many more reptile facts.

After that they got to meet Slinky, the speckled king snake.

Our hands on activity was to decorate a snake.  The children each got a snake book so they could choose a snake to do, or just make their own.  My girls made rainbow colored snakes, Christian made his blue, and Anthony did a Western Worm Snake.

We are working on lapbooks to coordinate with each of the animal classification programs we go to.  We usually complete these right after we get home from Grandview and eat lunch, but today I had some errands that needed to be run and did not get home until late afternoon and had to leave again an hour after getting home.  So, we will work on these tomorrow afternoon and I will post a picture of the completed folder for reptiles tomorrow.

Edited to Add:

We did get our lapbook done on Thursday.  Here are some pictures of Lily's.

We had a great time at the reptile program at Grandview!
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