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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Schoolhouse Crew Review: Circle C Milestones

I was first introduced to books by Susan K. Marlow back in 2011 when I had an opportunity to review Andi's Scary School Days, a Circle C Beginnings Book.   Then in 2013 I had an opportunity to review Tunnels of Gold  a Goldtown Adventures Book.  We loved those books!  I was very excited to be chosen to review the first book, Thick as Thieves  in the newest series, Circle C Milestones by Susan K. Marlow and published by Kregel Publications.
Thick as Thieves Book Review
The Circle C Milestones series was written for ages 12 and up.  In Thick as Thieves, the story of Andrea Carter from the Circle C Beginnings and Circle C Adventures series continues.  Andi is now 14 years old.  It is 1882 and life on the Circle C ranch is very busy.  Taffy is expecting her first foal and Andi has to try and find balance between chores, school, and foal training.  A new girl at school, Macy Walker, has been assigned as Andi's seatmate and her cruel behavior and bad manners has the whole school in an uproar, especially Andi.  Life at home isn't much easier when cattle rustlers strike the Carter Ranch.  The book is a 174 page paperback with 26 chapters.  

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

Purchase your copy here for $9.99.

To go along with the book is a free downloadable Study Guide.  In this 40 page guide that is broken down into 6 different sections you will find vocabulary and comprehension questions, 1880 arithmetic problem, writing activities, and digging deeper questions.  Also included is information and activities on foaling, training a foal, lice, cattle rustling, the Palace Hotel, and dime novels.  An answer key is included along with further activity suggestions such as keeping a journal, writing a dime novel, and memorizing scripture.

I am reading the Circle C Beginnings books to my 6 and 4 year olds and they love them. They are a little young for the Circle C Milestones books right now, but I was interested in reading the series myself and having them on the shelf for when the girls will be old enough to read them.  The book arrived at my house at the perfect time because I had broken my toe and couldn't do very much.  I don't sit and do nothing very well so I was happy to have something new to read!  I read through the entire book in a couple of hours while the children enjoyed a movie.

I know I have said this before but it is true and worth repeating, it is hard to find good, wholesome, enjoyable for books for children in the tween and teen age range.  There is so much objectionable content that is added into books of this age range.  I know that when I pick up a book by Susan K. Marlow to read aloud or allow my children to read on their own that I have nothing to worry about. Thick as Thieves is a great story that will appeal mostly to pre-teen and teenage girls though as an adult I found it enjoyable as well.  Andi faces a lot of challenges in her life that girls today will relate to.  The story has a great message that is carried throughout the story about the importance of friendship and being a good friend.  Andi uses her knowledge of Scripture verses to help her through situations in her everyday life.  Knowing what God's word has to say helps her to make the right decisions even when it is difficult.  That is something we all can learn from!

I love the free study guide that you can download to go along with the book.  The vocabulary, comprehension questions, and digging deeper questions will help your child not only read and enjoy the story but take a deeper meaning from it.  I found the sections on foaling, training a foal, lice, cattle rustling, and the Palace Hotel quite fascinating and they added even more of an understanding of the time period and life situations that Andi was dealing with.  The activities that went along with these sections were fun and interesting, and I loved the Scripture mini posters to copy verses in.

I would highly recommend any books by Susan K. Marlow.  Girls will especially enjoy the different Circle C books.  Circle C Beginnings is for ages 6-9, Circle C Adventures for ages 9-14, and Circle C Milestones for 12 and up.  The Goldtown Adventures Series is for ages 8-12 and is geared more towards boys, but girls can enjoy those as well.

I look forward to the next book in the Circle C Milestones Series, Heartbreak Trail, releasing July 2015.

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