Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Grandview Program and Art Co-op

Yesterday was our March Grandview Science Program and Art Co-op.  Can you believe I forgot to bring my camera?  Luckily I have a camera on my phone, though it is not a wonderful one I was still able to take some pictures.  We had 34 children plus parents attend the program.

Our science program was on birds of prey.  The Delta Rivers Nature Center came and presented our program and brought two live birds for the children to see: a red tailed hawk and a barred owl.  It was so cool!  He talked at length about those two birds and other birds of prey.  He also had some tail feathers and skeletons to show them and we got to listen to some different bird calls.

The children were also given an owl pellet to take home and dissect.

Then we had our lunch break.

After lunch we had our art program.  19 children came to the art program.  Each month we cover a new artist and make a project based n their work.  This month I was excited because I just received a new ARTistic Pursuits book to review and I was hoping it would arrive in time for the co-op and it did!  I had planned on doing Henri Matisse this month and there was a lesson on him in the book.  So I did the slide show of the artist and some of his works as usual and then did the lesson and project out of the book.  The project was to make a cut paper collage.  The children had some great ideas and came up with some amazing projects.

My children's projects.

Anthony titled his "the thief"
Just as a little amusing part of the day, Emelia was worried about Ms. Aneessah's snake cause he was too flat.

It is just the skin that the snake shed.  Nick explained it all to her :)
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