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Our Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4 H Bread and Cookie Contest

The 4 H Bread and Cookie Contest was supposed to be last week, but it was postponed due to weather.  I allow my children to enter up to two items provided that they don't choose recipes that have a lot of unusual expensive ingredients.  Cloverbuds (5-8 year olds) are allowed to used mixes (thank goodness!) but children 9 and older have to make their recipes from scratch.  There is one category that allows for a mix as one one of the ingredients.  There are several different categories such as: drop cookies, shaped cookies, bar cookies, muffins, quick bread loaf, yeast bread, specialty yeast bread, and many more.

We got started Sunday afternoon because I had 5 children who wanted to participate and these things take time!  Lily started working on her blue raspberry cookies first and then made her chocolate chip muffins.  She did get a little help from Emmie.

Christian also did his on Sunday.  He made No Bake Peanut Butter Bars and Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

 Monday we got back to work.  I am so proud of Anthony!  He does not usually voluntarily participate in 4 H workshops and contests.  But, we found a pizza roll recipe and he really wanted to make it!  I was so excited!  He started them in the morning and they were ready by lunchtime.  He picked the three that looked the best for the contest and the children ate the rest for lunch. Not only did he make something for the contest he made lunch for everyone at the same time!

Alex made Cinnamon Swirl Bread.  He loves anything with cinnamon!

Nick made pretzels and M&M Blondies.

Everything was finished and ready to be dropped off at 5:30.  We headed back at 7:15 for the awards.

Lily won two first place ribbons.

Christian won two first place ribbons.

Anthony won a first place ribbon.

Alex won a second place ribbon.

Nick won 2 second place ribbons.

Very proud of their hard work!  

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