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Our Family

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Trip to Dallas Day One

My older boys and their daddy are big hockey and football fans, especially Nick.  Several months ago I had the idea that it would be fun for Art, Nick, and Alex to get to go to a hockey game.  Dallas is the closest professional arena to us so I started looking for tickets and saw that on March 23rd the Dallas Stars were playing the Buffalo Sabres.  Being from Western New York, we are Sabres fans and I knew they would love to see a Sabres game, so I talked to Art about getting the tickets.  Since it is a 4 hour drive and they would half to spend a night in a hotel anyway, and we had never been to Dallas, we just planned on everyone going, staying 2 nights and it would be our vacation for this year.

We dropped Anna off at the doggie hotel early Monday morning and were on our way.  We had to make one stop and it took right around 4 hours.  I packed our breakfast and our lunch so they could eat in the car on the way down.  Besides giving them something to do, it is also cheaper.  Our first stop was the Perot Nature and Science Museum.  We have passes for the Mid America Science Museum so we could get in for free.  I was quite excited about that!

The museum has 5 levels.  It was much bigger than I expected.  A elevator that you could see out of provided transportation to all of the different levels.  The lady at the door told us the best way to see it all was to start at the top and work your way down.  We actually started on the 4th level with space and dinosaurs.  I do want to mention that as expected the museum was VERY evolutionary but as my 7 year old said, "That's ok that they say that because we know the truth."

Then we went up to the bird exhibit

And swung by space

The we went down a level to earth.  There were many exhibits on soil, weather, gems and minerals, natural resources, and power and fuel alternatives.

Then we went down a level to learn about life.

We did not get to do everything on this level.  The girls were getting very tired and were ready to go.  The lowest level with the sports hall and children's museum for children 5 and under we never made it to.  Plus there was a Sherlock Holmes exhibit that cost extra that we didn't go into and a 3 D theater. we did not go to that also cost extra.  We left and headed to the hotel.

I chose the Irving Homewood Suites for our hotel because it was outside of Dallas and they had actual suites so we did not have to book 2 separate rooms.  The hotel was very nice.  The rooms were clean, the beds were comfortable, the staff was very friendly.  Plus they had continental breakfast with a lot of choices and an indoor swimming pool.  It was close to the airport but the plane noise didn't bother us.  the only negative about the hotel was that the A/C was VERY loud when it turned on!

We rested awhile and then went swimming.  We ordered some pizza and the boys got ready for the game.

While they were gone we watched a movie that we streamed on Netflix to Chelsea's computer.  The boys had a great time at the game!

Stay tuned for day 2.
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