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Our Family

Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Break Trip To Dallas Day Two

The hotel having continental breakfast was very convenient.  Even though the room had a small kitchen and I could cook, it's always more of a vacation when you don't have to!  They had a really good variety of hot and cold stuff and everyone was able to find something they liked.  I mentioned on my facebook page yesterday that I found it funny that my children didn't know how to open the little cartons of milk so they could drink out of them.  Something they missed out on going to public school.

After breakfast we took our time getting ready for the zoo.  Then we swung by Walmart for a few things.  By then it was almost lunch time and rather than pay zoo food prices we went ahead and grabbed something from Sonic.  Then we headed for the zoo!!

We have passes at the Little Rock Zoo, so we were able to get into the Dallas Zoo for 1/2 price.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and low 80's.  I had brought a stroller for Emelia but ended up renting a stroller for Lily too.  The zoo was bigger than I expected and she still was not completely recovered from being sick before we left.  She had not run fever in several days but she still tired quickly and was not eating like she should've been.  An extra stroller made it much easier!

It was a VERY nice zoo.  We were there 4 hours and did not get to see and do everything.  And they are expanding and opening a new exhibit this week.  It was very clean (a bit smelly but understandably so.)

We started off heading for Africa because Lily had just studied elephants in My Father's World and  really wanted to see some!

On our way we saw a few other animals.

Everybody loves penguins!

This baby was so cute!

Then the elephants!

Next we got to see the giraffes.  They had a giraffe feeding area that you could buy romaine lettuce and feed the giraffes $5 for 3 leaves.  So they got to feed the giraffes.  That's not something you get to do every day!

 This was a baby.

We moved on from there and saw many others animals.

Then we headed over to the children's area.  There was a petting zoo, fish you could feed, more birds, arachnids, and naked mole rats.  They also had a trading post that we didn't go into, a play area that had a little splash area, and pony rides but those were closed for repairs.

We saw flamingos and the children sat on a few elephants.

Then we headed back to Australia.  On our way we saw many different kinds of monkeys but I didn't get pictures of all of those.  We were on a mission to see something we had never seen before, koala bears.

We also saw kangaroos.

By this time the children were getting worn out.  So we saw the tiger but I couldn't get a really good photo of him and we stopped by the otters.

We headed back to the entrance cooling off with some ice cream on the way.

The children spent some of their money at the gift shop and we went back to the hotel to rest and then went swimming again.  We ordered take out from Buffalo Wild Wings and watched a movie.  By that time it was bed time.

Stay tuned for our 3rd and last day tomorrow.
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