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Our Family

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 27

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We do not always follow the public school schedule, but the local schools are on spring break next week and it happened to fall at the same time we had made some special plans so we are taking off next week.  This week I wanted to make sure we ended at a good stopping point to take off for a week.

Bible: We have read through chapter 12 in the book of Proverbs and are about halfway finished with Missionary Stories With the Millers.  The boys have really been enjoying this book!

History: In MOH Vol III we read the text on lessons 70-72 about George Fox and the Quakers, Blaise Pascal, and Louis XIV The Sun King.  We did the corresponding memory cards and timeline figures.

Science: We finished Apologia Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics last week.  I have ordered Exploring Creation With Anatomy and Physiology but it has not arrived yet, and even if it had I wouldn't have started it this week anyway.  We watched Awesome Science Explore Dinosaur National Monument one day and watched some videos from Visual Learning Systems about weather on our other science day.

Art: We have started a new review of ARTistic Pursuits.  I LOVE these books and am very excited we have an opportunity to review another one.  We did art twice this week and completed Lessons 1 and 2 in the K-3 Book 3.  We are not going to do all of the lessons in order, I plan on skipping around a bit.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex finished lesson 24 of  Fix It! Grammar and lesson 18 of Medieval Writing Lessons.  Christian worked on some grammar pages learning how to use commas in letters.  Anthony and I finished reading Charlotte's Web but did not do any of the grammar pages to go along with the final chapters.  This year Anthony is required to take a standardized test for the first time and he has never taken a test before.  Also he reading is a bit below where he should be, so I have been working with him every day on reading comprehension paragraphs and questions.  To be completely honest, I could care less about how my children score on a standardized test but I do not want him to go in there not knowing what to expect or be overwhelmed, so we will continue working on the practice exercises up until the test date.

Spelling/Reading: Alex finished Level 4 of AAS last week.  I have ordered Level 5 to start up after the break.  He has been using Star Toaster 3 times a week.  Anthony and Christian finished Lesson 12 of All About Reading Level 2.

Math: Nick finished lesson 27 of Math U See Pre-Algebra.  Christian and Anthony finished lesson 25 of Beta and Gamma and Alex finished Lesson 25 of Delta.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z:

We started and finished the unit on "e" for elephant.  The Bible theme was "I will remember what God has done for me."  She completed a picture card page, handwriting page, sound discrimination page, math page, cut and paste page, blend ladder page, word list page, and drawing page.  We read about facts about elephants, the differences between African and Asian elephants, found where they were located on the globe, and watched a Wild Kratts episode about elephants.  She also made an elephant badge.  We read the book Seven Blind Mice and Lily read her first little story called 'The Sled."

She is also helping me on the Memoria Press First Start Reading review and we worked on that this week too.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday Art had to go out of town for work.  We had archery and Christian had soccer practice.  So we went to archery, ran some errands, picked up some pizzas using our Book It certificates (4 of the children are eligible and I just order a large pizza for the others), ate and played at the park, and watched the soccer practice.

Tuesday gymnastics was cancelled because the teacher was sick.  Nick and Alex had soccer practice so we loaded up and headed to the soccer fields.  I let the younger children play on the play equipment until the last 10 minutes or so of practice and then we went over and watched.

Tuesday Sonic was having half price shakes all day.  Our favorite car hop (Chelsea) was working and since it was so nice outside she hoped she could sit and take her break while we were there but it was very busy and she couldn't.  She did bring the children their yummy shakes though and even bought them for them.

Wednesday was a stay home day.

Thursday we had a 4 H meeting and all 3 boys were supposed to have soccer practice after the meeting.  The weather did not cooperate though and practice was cancelled.  This ended up being a good thing because Lily started not feeling well at the meeting and was running fever when I brought her home.  She is still not feeling well but she is much better and the dog has been keeping her company.

Daddy came home on Thursday!

Friday we were supposed to take care of some errands and go grocery shopping but stayed home to take care of Lily instead.

We have some fun things planned for next week that have already been paid for.  I am praying Lily will be better and that no one else will get sick!!

Happy Homeschooling!

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