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Our Family

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 26

 I was asked why my older children rarely show up in my wrap up posts.  It actually is easier to photograph the younger children because they are working with me all of the time and they do more hands on type stuff that is more interesting to photograph.  Plus, my two older boys tend to go off upstairs into other rooms so they can work without being distracted and my oldest son does NOT like to be photographed.  I do take his picture anyway under certain circumstances but not during work that he needs to concentrate on.

Week 26 In Our Homeschool

Bible: We read through to Chapter 8 in Proverbs and have been reading 1-2 chapters every day in Missionary Stories with the Millers.

History: In Mystery of History Vol III we completed lessons 67-69 on John Amos Comenius, The English Civil Wars, and Robert Boyle.  We did the memory cards and timeline figures as well.

Science: We finished Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics.  We did not do any experiments this week.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex finished Lesson 23 of Fix It! Grammar and Lesson 17 of Medieval Writing Lessons.  Christian's Lighting Literature assignments were on Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.  We read the story, answered the comprehension questions, and did the corresponding grammar assignments.  We have the Maestro Music CD of Mike Mulligan so we listened to it one day on our way to town.  Anthony and I are still plugging through Charlotte's Web.

Spelling/Reading: Alex finished Level 4 of All About Spelling.  He is working on our review of Star Toaster 3 times per week. Anthony and Christian finished Lesson 11 of All About Reading Level 2.

Math: Nick finished Lesson 26 of Pre-Algebra.  Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 24 of Beta and Gamma.  Alex finished Lesson 24 of Delta.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

We finished up the unit on horse this week.  We did our blend ladder pages, word list page, drawing page, and cut and paste page.  She also made a shape horse, watched a video (from Visual Learning Systems) on animal classification , and did an animal classification worksheet.  We read the book Fritz and the Beautiful Horses.

Lily is also helping me on a review of Memoria Press's First Start Reading so we worked a bit on that this week too.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday it rained.  So archery and soccer were cancelled.  Again.

Tuesday was gymnastics.  We also had some errands to run and went to the library.  Nick and Alex had a soccer practice at 6 and thankfully their daddy was finished working and didn't mind to take them so I could take the others back home.

Wednesday we had our monthly science and art co-op at Grandview.

After we got home I found out Christian had a soccer practice.  His daddy drove all the way to the house to get him and turned around and went back to town to take him to his practice.  Very thankful for daddy!

Thursday it rained again!  Archery and soccer cancelled.

Friday Lily, Emelia, and I headed in to town.  Lily wanted to get her nails done and as a birthday present for her Chelsea made her an appointment at the college for a friend of hers to trim Lily's hair and paint her fingernails and toe nails.  She thought Emmie would like to have hers done too but she was too scared.  So I left Lily with Chelsea and Emmie and I ran to Walmart to grab our groceries. When we got finished Lily was just getting finished.  She had a great time getting her nails done and can't wait to go back!

Saturday Nick and Alex had soccer practice.

Today is Lily's Birthday!  We went to church, picked up her cake and her birthday balloon.  Then headed home for lunch, cake and presents.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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