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Our Family

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 25

The crazy Arkansas weather caused some changes to our week this week too.  Who would've thought we would actually get snow again, a day after we had thunderstorms?  Hopefully spring will be here soon!

Week 25 In Our Homeschool

Bible: This week we read through the first 4 chapters of Proverbs.  We also started reading Missionary Stories with the Millers.

History: In Mystery of History Vol III we completed Lessons 64-66 on The Jews of the Renaissance and Reformation, Rembrandt, and Thomas Hooker Founds Connecticut.  We also did the corresponding memory cards and timeline figures.

Science: We started the last chapter of Exploring Creation Through Chemistry and Physics on Simple Machines.  We also watched the elementary and middle and high school level videos on simple machines from Visual Learning Systems and completed some worksheets to go along with the videos.

Grammar/Writing/Literature: Nick and Alex finished Lesson 22 of Fix it! Grammar The Nose Tree.  They completed Lesson 16 of Medieval Writing.  Anthony is still reading through Charlotte's Web.  His grammar lessons have been on using commas.  Christian read Curious George Flies a Kite.  and worked on using punctuation for grammar.

Spelling/Reading: Anthony and Christian finished Lesson 10 of AAR Level 2.  I did not get to spelling with Alex this week since we spent so much time working on his writing assignment.  He also started working on a new review called Star Toaster which is reading, vocabulary, language arts and more in a game format.

Math: Nick finished Lesson 25 of Pre-Algebra.  Alex finished Lesson 22 of Delta.  Christian and Anthony finished Lesson 23 of Beta and Gamma.

My Father's World Creation From A to Z

Lily started working on letter "H" for horse.  We found a few picture books on horses the other day at the library, so we read through those and learned lots of interesting information about horses.  She did a picture card page, sound discrimination page, and handwriting page.  We compared cars to horses.  Our Bible lesson is based on the phrase, "I obey right away."  She made and painted a clay horse.  There actually were a few other worksheets I had planned on her doing this week but she had so much fun with the clay she decided to make a dog too and I decided the worksheets could wait :)

One of the other "h" words was hand.  Lily came up with this craft on her own.  It's a hand with a ring she could slide her hand into.  Later she added a bracelet too.

Other Activities This Week:

Monday archery and soccer were cancelled because of rain. We did have the 4 H Bread and Cookie Contest and a Homeschool Meeting.  Most of Monday was spent cooking and I wasn't disappointed that it was raining. We dropped off our entries to the contest went to the homeschool meeting for a little while (I took them a snack and the iPad and Kindle so they could use those things quietly) and then we went back for the awards.

Tuesday gymnastics was cancelled because the instructor's baby was sick.

Wednesday we had gymnastics.

It was also Emmie's 4th Birthday!

We had some really strange weather on Wednesday and went from a warm rain to a cold rain to thunderstorms to freezing rain, sleet, hail, and snow.

Thursday morning we woke up to this.

So archery and soccer were cancelled again.  And school was delayed a bit to play in the snow and have some cocoa.

Friday we did some serious cleaning.  But as I said to a good friend, why is it no matter how much you clean it doesn't seem like you are making any progress?  Chelsea had to go to the college to take care of a few things so she grabbed the few groceries I needed while she was there.

Saturday Nick and Alex had soccer practice. Christian hasn't had a practice yet and the forecast is looking rainy this week too.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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