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Our Family

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teach Them Diligently Marketplace

I just realized that although I have posted about this on Facebook and Twitter, I have not done a blog post about it for those of you who do not participate in those types of social media.

I was disappointed this year that there were not going to be any Homeschool Conventions close enough for me to attend.  And then, the other day, I read a Facebook post from the Education Alliance that Teach Them Diligently Marketplace was coming to Little Rock on July 19th and 20th!  I was so excited!

Teach Them Diligently Marketplace will be at 9 different cities this year: Little Rock, AR, Fort Meyers, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, Tacoma WA, and Tucson AZ.  The Teach The Diligently Marketplace is going to be similar to the Teach Them Diligently Conventions but on a smaller scale and at a lower cost.  The Marketplace will offer encouraging speakers and curriculum centers.  The cost to register is only $15 for a family registration and each family will receive a coupon $10 off $100 purchase from one of the vendors.

You can to this website http://teachthemdiligentlymarketplace.com/ to find out more information, register, sign up for their newsletter, or enter the giveaway for $150 in free curriculum and free registration to the Marketplace of your choice.

Here is the link for my homeschool readers in Arkansas.  The Teach Them Diligently Marketplace will be held in the Statehouse Convention Center, 100 E Markham Street, Little Rock.  Listed speakers include: Zan Tyler, Rachael Carman, Heidi St. John, Carol Barnier, and Dr. Tommy Mitchell.

I can't wait!  Hope to see some of you there!

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