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Our Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 H Illustrated Talks, Talent, and Fashion Review Competition

Tuesday was our county competition for Illustrated Talks, Talent, and Fashion Revue.  The Illustrated Talks can be a demonstration, power point, or illustrated with posters on any topic that falls under a wide variety of 4 H project areas.  Seniors have up to 7 minutes to talk, juniors (9-13) have 2-5 minutes, and Cloverbuds (5-8) have no time limits.  The talent competition is musical instrument or vocal.  Fashion Revue has constructed and purchased, dressy or casual categories.   They have to talk about what type of material their clothes are, how to care for them, where they would wear them to and how much they cost.  For the county competition, 4 Hers can compete in one or multiple areas.  Juniors and Seniors can then go on to compete in the District Competition in June.

This year there were more Talks than I have ever seen since we have been in 4 H!  Yay!  We heard talks on Container Gardening, Swine Diet, Frogs, Child Hunger, The Volkswagon Beetle, Fishing, Rabbits, saw a demonstration on Container Gardening, and a Floating Eggs Science Demonstration (that was Alex.)  I was glad to see so many and was very proud that 3 of those were Cloverbuds and 4 were from my club.  Since all of the talks fell into different categories, all of the participants got 1st place.

1 person entered the Talent Competition.  Chelsea sang a song called Breathe.

4 people entered Fashion Revue.  Chelsea competed in the dress that she made last fall for the Sew With Cotton competition.  All 4 participants were in different categories and won 1st place.  Chelsea can now compete in the District Competition in June for either talent or Fashion Revue and go on to the State competition in July.

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