Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Baby Chicks and Their New Home

I don't always plan things out well.  When we decided to hatch some of our own chicks, and knew we were getting baby chicks or 4 H, I just figured we would throw them in together at first.  The problem was, we got our 4 H chicks 2 weeks before our chicks were supposed to hatch.  There is a BIG difference between newly hatched chicks and 2 week old chickens.  If you try to add babies in with them, they will kill them, or could smother them.  So, when the chicks actually hatched (I didn't completely believe we would be successful) we needed somewhere to put them.  I know many people who just use a cardboard box, but there are quite a few stray cats around here that will get into the shop and could easily kill them, so that wouldn't work for us.

My husband constantly amazes me!  He has this incredible brain that can fix and/or build just about anything. He told me not to worry that after work on Monday he would build a box for my chickens.  And he did. Without buying a single thing.  He used some scrap wood and some chicken wire we had here at the house and had it done in about an hour.  Nick, Alex, and Anthony helped build the box.  They are learning a lot from their daddy!

We ended up with 5 fluffy baby chicks and they are all doing well!

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