Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Field Trip to Marine World

On Thursday, we took a field trip to Marine World in Hot Springs Arkansas.  We had 19 kids and  6 adults attend.  Marine World specializes in Salt Water tanks, fish(saltwater and fresh water),corals, invertebrates, and aquarium supplies.  They have been in business in Hot Springs for over 40 years.  The owner used to be a Marine Biology teacher and is very knowledgeable about fresh water and salt water fish.  They offer free field trip to people, family, or school groups.  Find more information on that here.  Since we are doing Swimming Creatures from Apologia this year, this trip was perfect for us, but it would be fun and educational any time.  During our homeschool group field trip the children got to hear about and see different kinds of salt water creatures (fish, sea anemones, corals, clams, etc...) and even got to touch and hold a star fish, sea anemone, and watch lion fish being fed shrimp.  They had an opportunity to ask a lot of questions.  Then they got to spend time looking through all of the tanks to see the different kinds of fish.  We spent an hour and a half at Marine World.  The children had a great time and we even bought a few more fish for our freshwater tank.  Now, they want a salt water tank.  I have to admit, they are pretty cool!

part of the group

Nemo and Dory

The starfish

Alex holding the starfish

Lion Fish (the kids loved those!)

Lily and Emmie loved Nemo and Dory

An eel

Christian thought it was cool that this fish followed his finger

These goldfish were huge!

these saltwater tanks were beautiful!

It looked really cool when he changed the lighting

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