Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 6, 2013

4 H Achievement Banquet 2013

Last night was our 4 H Achievement Banquet.  Every year our county holds a banquet recognizing 4 H achievement.  All of the children (ages 5 and up) who complete record books are invited to attend.  Record Books are detailed reports showing 4 Hers work in there main projects, other projects leadership, and community service.  They are a lot of work, but a great way to keep track of project work over the years and they win awards and even scholarships as the children get older.  Our county also recognizes 4 H participation for activities for children 9 and up.  They earn different gem awards (sapphire, emerald, diamond) or for the most participation they can also win a County Champion award (they can only win this every 3 years.)

This year's banquet was "Happy Days in 4 H."  The theme was the 50's Diner.  It was a lot of fun!  The decorations were really cute and we got to dress up in 50's clothes.  Chelsea made poodle skirts for her and I and I ordered fake leather jackets for Nick and Alex.  Anthony and Christian did not do journals this year, maybe next year.  The food was burgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, and soda.  The dessert was a cupcake bar with different kids of cupcakes and sprinkle toppings.  For entertainment, the local high school jazz band played for us.

Alex just turned 9 in November so it was his first year completing a Junior Journal.  He won a County Journal Award.  Nick won a Sapphire Gem Award and a County Journal Award.  Chelsea won a District Journal Award and County Champion.  She won County Champion a few years ago and got a 4 H duffle bag, so this year she won a 4 H hoodie.

My children said this year was the best banquet ever!

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