Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 4 H Cloverbud Meeting

Our county 4 H just ordered T-shirts for the first time since we have been involved in 4 H.  I love how they turned out!  Here is Emmie modeling hers (it is a little big!) and she did spill her snack on it before I took the picture.   Don't tell Emmie or Lily they are not old enough to be in 4 H yet because they sure think they are!

love that smile!

This month, we headed back out to Grandview for our meeting.  The program was on Arkansas mammals.  The room was set up with all kinds of different furs and skulls that were numbered.  The children were given a piece of paper with the animals listed at the bottom and numbered lines for the children to fill in which animal they thought it was.  Some of the children couldn't write them all down by themselves but we had some parent help to go with them (I had to help Anthony and Christian) After 15 minutes the children sat down and we discussed which animals each number was and facts about each of those animals.

I had 15 children at the meeting and they all really enjoyed it!  There is a 4 H competition that they can compete in once they are 9 that involves identifying wildlife and several of my 4 Hers would love to do that when they are all old enough.
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