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Our Family

Friday, April 26, 2013


Studying insects is so much fun and can be a great way to learn about them.  Last year we got Painted Lady Caterpillars and a butterfly garden so we could watch them turn into butterflies.  It was so cool!  The children loved it!  We also got an ant farm, well two actually.  We started out with one that you put sand in and have to feed the ants and then found an inexpensive ($10) gel ant farm that lights up and you don't have to feed and water the ants because they get it from the gel.  The children had seen a ladybug kit in a catalog and they really wanted to try and grow some ladybugs.  We checked Hobby Lobby, but they were all sold out, so after checking online prices, I found the cheapest one on Amazon.  The habitat was $14.99 and came with a free coupon to send away for 15-20 larvae (with a $5 shipping charge.)

After we got the habitat, we went online and put in the coupon code, and a few days later, we had our ladybug larvae.  All we had to do was open the viewing top and gently put the larvae and the food into the habitat.  We also had to moisten the sponge with water so they would have some water.

They were really small and looked a little like baby alligators!  They ate and ate and after a week or so looked this this:

Then after a few more days they began making their way to the top of the habitat.

They sat up at the top for a few days, kind of curled up, and then they turned into these:

To feed the ladybugs, we put in some wet raisins.

After watching the ladybugs for a few days, we decided to set them free.

We had a great time with our ladybugs!  It was a great, hands on, fun science project!
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