Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Yummy "Map" of Ancient Egypt

We are using Mystery of History Volume 1 this year and loving it!  One of the things my children (14,9,7,6) really enjoy are the weekly mapping assignments.  This was kind of a surprise to me because I, personally do not get excited over making maps.  Maybe it is the fun of getting to use Wonder Maps (review here) or drawing with  colored pencils, but they love making maps.  I usually have to print an extra for the 2 year old so she can do it too.

When we got to this week's mapping assignment, it came with a tasty twist.  Instead of drawing a map on paper, we were supposed to bake a sheet cake and decorate it to look like Ancient Egypt by adding the Mediteranean Sea and the Nile River in blue icing and the land in peach or orange icing and using a thicker icing to show land elevation.  My Anthony (6) said it couldn't be Ancient Egypt without the pyramids, so I created an area of even thicker icing in the shape of a pyramid. This was definitely their favorite map yet!

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