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Our Family

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homeschool Art Class Weeks 5 and 7

I got a little behind on posting about our homeschool art class that we are taking on Friday mornings.  On week 5 of our class, the children had the opportunity to observe and ask questions of a potter while she was creating some of her work.  They were quite curious and interested in everything she was doing and she did a great job capturing their attention and holding it for a whole hour.  It was very cute to watch the boys inching their chairs to get closer and closer to the pottery wheel.  After the potter's demonstration, the children made art books using old wall paper samples. 

We ended up not having art class for week 6.  There are 4 families that attend the morning session and 2 of the 4 families had a stomach bug and the other family's mom had broken her foot.  So instead of having her do a class just for us, we took the opportunity to get a few other things done. 

This week (week 7) we did 3 different projects.  First, the children did a drawing that they copied from a coloring book of Arkansas mammals.  They set up their book on an easel and drew on a drawing board in front of them.  Next, they made door knob hangers out of foam and stuck them with foam stickers.  Then, they drew chalk drawings on black paper and filled in the empty spaces by painting with sponges.

Every week that we have gone to class, Christian has not wanted to participate.  He has been very happy playing with toys or stuffed animals.  When I asked why he didn't want to make things like the other children he said he couldn't do art.  We do art projects all the time at home so I think he was being kind of shy.  Yesterday at art class he wanted one of the prizes the teacher was handing out so he decided he could sit down and do art.  I think it helped that his 2 year old sister was sitting at the table making the project with the big kids.  I hope next week he will remember that he could do art just fine.

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