Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Soccer 2011

We just finished another soccer season.  This year only Nick and Alex played.  Chelsea is too old, Anthony has no interest, and Christian is old enough but we didn't even suggest it to him because Art was not going to coach this year.  Soccer is a lot of fun for the children even the ones that aren't playing.  The little ones love to go out to the fields and play in the grass with cars and other small toys.  This year, they also added some play equipment next to the fields for the little ones to play on.  But, soccer season is also a lot of work.  Rushing around 4 days a week to get everyone fed, dressed, and ready on time is hard.  Coming up with simple meals that we can eat on the run is another challenge.  There also is the added expenses of packaged juice, snacks, and fuel (which is the biggest soccer expense) to drive back and forth to town 4 days a week.  The season lasts just long enough that I don't loose my mind. 

I do enjoy watching the boys play.  I like to see them grow and improve throughout the year.  They love sports and it is a good experience for them to play on a team.  There always are some negatives.  There is always going to be that one super competitive coach (luckily not ours) that makes it not so much fun to play against.  There always is going to be those parents that behave worse than children.  You are going to have a few children on the team that you really, really, don't want "rubbing off" on your children.  It really made me proud of my boys to see them acting above the nonsense that went on at times.  They did a great job being respectful and listening to their coaches and watching and encouraging their team mates when they weren't playing.  They are already looking forward to next year.

I did get a few pictures on the last day.  Great shots are really hard to take when your zoom doesn't work, but sometimes you have to make do.  I did not get a picture of Nick with his trophy since it was so dark (especially after the lights went out on the field again.)

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