Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Favorite Field Trips

This week's Blog Cruise Topic is What are some field trips your family has enjoyed? I love taking field trips. My favorite kind of learning is hands on and what better way to experience that then to get a chance to "go and see" what you have been learning about? There have been many great field trips and here are some of our favorites.

My favorite field trip of all time was at the end of our first year homeschooling. We had been studying the Little House Books using the Prairie Primer (highly recommended) and I found out that we lived only 3 hours from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum in Mansfield MO. So, on a Saturday morning we loaded up and headed out. It was such a great place to go and see. Many of the items you read about in the book were kept in that museum and it was so cool to actually see those items first hand and that they were actually real and where they lived. I would love to go back again sometime.

We have taken fun trips to Mid America Science Museum, Historic Washington State Park,Crator of Diamonds State Park, a Pumpkin Patch, and a Christmas Tree Farm. We have taken wonderful educational camping trips to Devil's Den State Park, Galveston Beach, DeGray Lake, and Lake Catherine State Park.

Great Field trips don't have to be expensive. We have also enjoyed many fun free local field trips. We have gone to Crispy Creme Doughnuts taken a tour and got to make our own doughnut. We got to go to the Pizza Place and see how they make pizzas and got to make our own. We have gone to the post office and saw first hand how the mail delivery service works. We took a tour of a Greenhouse and saw first hand the different kinds of seeds and how different plants and flowers grow.
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