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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review:TOS High School Student Planner E-book

Over the summer I made a confession that I had never written lesson plans before, but now that Chelsea has entered High School I felt that I really needed to be more organized. I purchased the TOS Homeschool Planner and wow was I impressed. It was everything I could have wanted in a planner and more. Now TOS has taken it one step further and come out with Student Planners in 4 age groups: Primary (K-3), Secondary (4-6), Middle School (7-8), and High School (9-12.) I have had the opportunity to use the High School Student Planner.

Description: The High School Planner E book comes with a 14 page parent pack and a 293 page High School Student Planner for $29. The Parent Pack contains four great articles: The 4-1-1 on Dual Enrollment, High School: Time to Prepare, How to Create A High School Transcript, and You Are the BEST High School Guidance Counselor. The Planner comes with everything your High Schooler needs to learn to balance their home and school responsibilities plus "must know" lists to help remember important facts and figures.

A Wide Variety Homeschool Forms Included Are:
  • goal sheets (daily, weekly, monthly, semester, yearly)
  • daily, weekly, quarterly, marking period, 4 year planning pages
  • to do lists (today, tomorrow, next week etc.)
  • week at a glance
  • calendars (monthly, yearly 2010, 2011)
  • marking period planners
  • log sheets (field trip, audio video,reading, extracurricular activities, musical instrument practice, etc)
  • wish list
  • science experiment sheet
  • general book report
  • chore charts
  • future plans
  • Vocab study sheets
  • Test Preparation checklist
  • journals
  • high school transcripts
  • test recording, assignments and due dates
  • attendance
  • GPA calculating and tracking forms
  • address book
  • Bible study/memorization
  • website log in/password
  • family tree

Examples of some of the "must know" lists included are:

  • common Latin and Greek roots
  • basic Roman Numerals
  • kitchen conversion sheet
  • famous artists, composers, authors
  • basic sign language
  • US Presidents and their wives
  • 13 colonies
  • Elements, planets, cloud formation
  • wars involving US
  • timeline, miracles and parables of Jesus
  • States and Capitals, Countries and Capitals
  • bodies of water, mountain ranges, wonders of modern and ancient world

To see a sampling of the planner click here.

All E books published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine come with a 7 day 100 % money back guarantee.

What We Liked: The High School Student Planner puts some of the organization and planning back on the student shoulders. By this age they should be responsible for a lot of their own work and having a place to write it all down and keep it organized makes life much easier. Any kind of organizing/planning form you could think of that you would need for a High Schooler is included in this planner. There are different options for several forms so you can pick what works best for your family. You only have to print out the forms that you need/want to include in your planner. We like the "must know " lists. They make finding specific information on the included topics easier. I found the articles in the parent pack to be informational and encouraging.

Some things to consider: There is of course going to be an added cost for printing out the forms. I did not print out all 293 pages, just what we needed and I didn't find that each page used a whole lot of ink. Many of the forms and "must know " lists are the same as in the Homeschool Planner planner so you could create your own High School planner out of the pages in the Homeschool Planner if you already have one.

My Final Thoughts: A great way to help keep your teen and yourself more organized. Chelsea is very glad to have a planner of her own. Includes any form you could possibly think of and more!

I received a complimentary copy of this planner in order to write a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.

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