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Friday, June 3, 2016

Review: An Amish Market by Amy Clipson, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, and Vannetta Chapman

An Amish Market has 4 stories all themed around....An Amish Market.  They do not relate at all to each other but continue on with characters in the author's previous books.

In the first story, Love Birds by Amy Clipson. Ellie starts working at a gift shop in town after her brother Seth's death.  Seth friends Lloyd who comes around often to help Ellie and her mother, has a secret talent.  Ellie thinks he should sell his creations in the gift shop, but Lloyd's father disapproves of his hobby.  When Ellie accidentally betrays Lloyd's trust will there be any hope for their relationship?

A Bid for Love by Kathleen Fuller is the second story.  Hannah Lynne brings her butter to a local market every week and every week Ezra stops by to purchase some. Ezra is a confirmed bachelor and never even glances her way.  But when a quilt that Hannah has her heart set on comes up for auction Ezra bids a large amount of money to buy it.  Is Ezra in the market for love?

Sweeter Than Honey by Kelly Irvin is the third story in the book.  When Isabella makes her first trip to the combination store in Bee County, Texas she accidentally breaks a jar of beets. As embarrassing as it was, she didn't think that Will Glick's (the manager of the store) reaction was very nice.  Isabella finds out that Will heart has been broken many times and finds herself determined that she be the one to renew his faith in love.

Love in Store by Vannetta Chapman is the last story in the book.  David Stolfus, a widower, moves to Nappanee Indiana to be near his daughter after her husband dies. He works at The Old Mill, a local tourist spot, store, and restaurant.  When strange things start happening at the Old Mill, the owner asks David to find out what is going on.  He enlists the help of cranky Stella Shrock and as they work to solve the mystery together they might find that God has more in store for their lives then they would've thought possible.

An Amish Market was a sweet. light hearted read.  I had read book by all of the authors before and looked forward to being able to review this book. I enjoyed all of the stories although they were very predictable.  Love in Store was my favorite because romance stories about young people are very common but this one was about an older couple finding love.  It also had an element of mystery that I enjoyed.  If you enjoy Amish Fiction, I think you will enjoy An Amish Market.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.

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