Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Week in Review (June 13th-18th)

We were supposed to be tent camping this weekend.  But, it is HOT here in Arkansas!  I can handle tent camping at around 90 degrees but when the weather forecast started calling for temps around 100 we decided to stay home!

Last week Saturday my van was trying to break down.  We were able to get it home and Art found the problem and had it fixed on Sunday.

Monday night Alex and I had to go to a 4 H meeting.  Actually 2 meetings combined.  The first was a "camp shakedown" which gives the rules and schedule for the county camp. All 4hers who are going to camp have to attend.  Afterwards I had leader training.  I am required to attend 4 hours of training per year to be a volunteer leader.  The information was good and it was beneficial for Alex to participate as well.

Tuesday was the 4 H District O' Rama.  Alex was competing.  He gave an entomology talk on grasshoppers.  Anthony, Nick, and Alex were getting trophies for their record books, so I decided we all would go.  It was a LONG day.  W had to leave just before 8 for the hour drive.  Then we had to wait an hour for it to start.  After that, there was a 30 minute assembly.  After the assembly it was time for the children to compete and we had to go into a classroom.  I told the children they had to be completely silent and stay in their chairs until all of the talks were over.  I had brought coloring books for the girls and Christian and Anthony had books to read but they listened to the presentations instead.  There were only 4 talks given in our room and they were finished by 11.  Then we had to wait in the hall for the judges to tally the scores and decided the winners.  Then back in the room for the ribbons.  By 11:30 we were finished and headed to the cafeteria where we had to hang out until 2:00.  At 2:00 we had to go back to the auditorium for the trophies to be handed out.  It was over at 2:45 and then we had to make the hour drive home.  My children were so well behaved!  I was so proud of the girls for sitting and being still that long ( I knew the boys would be fine.)  I was very proud of Alex for giving his talk.  He did a great job!  And also proud of their work in 4 H to earn the trophies. We got ice cream on the way home :)

I allowed them to play on Kindles while we waited for lunch

Wednesday we had to drop Alex off to go to camp.

Friday we had to do some grocery shopping, library, and pick Alex up from camp.

We did a little school this week Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

They did 3 lessons in Veritas Bible.

We did one day of P.E. (that was really for me because they have been swimming and riding bikes every day.)

When we were at the O' Rama Thursday, they heard 4 different entomology talks.  I printed off some insect pages from notebookingpages.com for the boys and they drew a picture of the insect and wrote something that they learned while listening to the talk.  I printed some ABC pages for Emmie and Lily wanted some ABC animal pages so I did some of those for her.  We also worked in our Latin Reader.

We also did a lot of work in the garden.  We did a lot of weeding in the mornings before it got too hot. We picked some squash and beans.

As part of a 4 H project we have been working on photography. Christian took a lot of pictures out in the garden one day this week and Anthony took one.

Anthony took this one

These are some of the ones Christian took. 

I bought some beads that can be made into different shapes and melted.  They were quite creative and made a turtle, spiderman, hearts, a minecraft guy, a bee, a house,and some swirly designs.

My girls have been struggling this week.  While a relaxed summer schedule can be great (in theory) for mom, the different routine is not always great for children.  The boys have been doing fine so far, but the girls have argued every day that we were home.  If it continues into this coming week, I am going to have to make some changes.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!
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