Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Grandview Program

Last month at Grandview we started a new series of programs on Animal Classification.  Each month we have an educational program, hands on activity, and a lapbook folder to complete at home.  Last month our program was on mammals.  This month's program was on amphibians.

We started with the educational program.  We had a great turnout with 21 children and 3 children under the age of three.  The children learned all about amphibians: what that word means, where they live, what they eat, how they breathe, and all about their metamorphosis.

Then we had two hands on activities.  We made a model of a life cycle of a frog and decorated a salamander.

The frog model was made on a piece of thick poster board. We used glitter glue for tadpole eggs.  Felt for tadpole bodies, pom poms for heads, pipe cleaners for legs, and googly eyes.

The salamanders they just had to decorate.  Lily wanted hers to be pink.

They were given two little plastic fogs too so the boys made them frog ponds to live in.

We took our lapbooks home and worked on them in the afternoon.

Another great program at Grandview!
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