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Our Family

Monday, March 17, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 27

Well I tried to make it a normal week, but this cold was causing me to have some terrible sinus headaches.  So we stumbled along through most of our daytime work this week: Bible, History, Science, Read Aloud, and we did Math, and Handwriting in the afternoons. Lily did Spelling You See but I did not get back to All About Spelling with the boys.

We have some new review items that we started working on.  From Homeschool Adventure Company we are reviewing Philippians in 28 Weeks.  We also got some DVDs from Curiosity Quest this week that came in VERY handy as something that we could do during our school time that I did not have to read or teach! Chelsea started working through the Victus Study Skills System. We are awaiting The Brinkman Adventures Season 2, a new set of audio books that should be arriving any day now.  I was also THRILLED to have an opportunity to review one of the newest books, Sculpture Technique: Model from Artistic Pursuits.  I have ordered our supplies and cannot wait for the book and supplies to arrive! 

I have been working on getting things together for Chelsea for college this week. I requested her transcripts, redid her FAFSA because apparently colleges only want you to use the electronic retrival tool and not imput the numbers yourself (but that's another story), and getting her test scores sent to the appropriate schools. We have some other paperwork to get filled out this week for college an graduation.  I had her count how many school days she has left to ensure she will complete her courses in a timely manner and she only has 32 school days until graduation!

Speaking of Chelsea, she went to Little Rock Saturday for a 4 H interview.  She was one of 4 teens chosen from across the state in her project area to be a finalist for an Advanced Journal Winner.  She went to her interview and said it went really well.  We found out late last night that she won!  She is very excited!

We had a great time at mini golf on Thursday!

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!

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