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Our Family

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 26

I thought after only taking a week off for vacation that we would just be able to dive back into our school work.  Well, I was wrong.  On our way home from vacation, some of the children started coughing.  That coughing spread to all of the children.  Then Tuesday morning Anthony was not the first one out of bed.  I went to check on him and he said he didn't feel like getting up.  He was running a fever.  Emmie started running fever Tuesday night and Lily Wednesday morning.  Anthony's fever was gone within 24 hours but his cough still lingers on.  The girls continued to run high fever and I ended up taking them to Urgent Care on Friday.  They are both on antibiotics. Christian, Nick, and Alex are still coughing, and even I started coming down with it on Friday.  This has been the worst winter I can remember for sickness in our house.

Headaches, fever, and stomach aches automatically excuse a child from schoolwork.  Just a cough or a cold means that they will still be expected to do their work.  But, since some of the children are working on the same thing at the same time if one is sick the other does not have to do work in the common subjects like spelling or writing so I can keep them in the same page.  Mon-Wed this week we did get our Bible lesson completed.  Mon-Thurs we got our History and Science completed.  We did all of our assigned reading in all of a Kind Family. Nick, Alex, and Christian did Math everyday.  Anthony got 2 days of Math completed. We did not do IEW or All About Spelling at all.  We did not do our Pirate language lesson.  Lily did two days of Spelling You See.  We started reading the Snowy Day but did not do any activities to go along with it.

Emmie laying in my lap while I read the history lesson to the boys

Chelsea found out this week that she is a finalist in the 4 H Advanced Journals for Home Environment.  She is one of 4 finalists across the state in her category.  This week-end she will have to go to the state 4 H office and have an interview and they will choose 2 winners out of the 4 finalists.  What an honor to be one of the finalists!

Spring Soccer started this week.  I do not love spring soccer because I do not like being cold!  Mondays practice was cancelled thankfully because it was only 30 degrees.  Thursday I had to leave Christian home because he was not 100% but Nick and Alex got to go to their practice.  They are both on the same team this year so we will only have to juggle two teams instead of three.

Emelia turned 3 this week.  Because her birthday and Lily's are so close together, we celebrate them together.  So we had cake and presents yesterday, although Emmie didn't even want to eat any cake.

I hope you had a great week in your homeschool!
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