Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 4 H Cloverbud Meeting

One of the upcoming county competitions for 4 H is Illustrated Talks or Demonstrations.  In this competition, the children can use a power point or posters to give a talk about any topic in any 4 H category.  Juniors must talk 2-5 minutes, cloverbuds have no time limits, and seniors 5-7 minutes.  Or, they can do a demonstration. Since many of our club members raise different kinds of animals or have interest in raising animals, I thought it would be good practice for the Illustrated Talk competition if some of the 4 hers did a talk for our club on the topic of Animal Science.

We had 5 club members give talks.

One was on "What is Animal Science?"

One was on "How Does Animal Science Help Your Garden Grow?"

One was on New Zealand Rabbits

One was on Goats

And one was on Hatching Chicks

After that we did a craft on the life cycle of a chick.

Then we had animal crackers and juice for a snack on our way out the door.

We also had an acting President and Secretary for the meeting and they did a great job!!
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