Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

4 H Cookie and Bread Contest

Yesterday was the 4 H Cookie and Bread Contest.  My children love cooking and the cooking contests are some of their favorite 4 H activities.  This year, Lily was old enough to do her own entry instead of just having to help the other children.  She turned 5 on Saturday so officially became a 4 H Cloverbud.  She was very excited to be able to make her own!

In the contest, there are many different categories including: drop cookies, shaped cookies, bar cookies, cut out cookies, and cookies from a mix.  Bread categories are: corn bread, biscuits, specialty bread loaf, specialty bread muffins, loaf bread, and specialty breads.  Cloverbuds cannot enter the yeast bread category.  Juniors and Seniors can only use a mix for the cookies from a mix category but cloverbuds can use a mix for any of the categories.

Chelsea made Hot Cross Buns and won 3rd Place.

Nick made Caramel Butterscotch Brownies and won 1 st place.

Alex made Cinnamon Rolls and won 3rd place.

Christian made frosted Key Lime Cookies from a mix.  He won second place.

Lillian made two things.  She made chocolate chip cookies from a mix and blueberry muffins from a mix. She won 1st place for both.  And she also was the overall cloverbud winner and won an apron and a cookie cutter.

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