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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Family Hope Center

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Recently I had an opportunity to review Understanding Child Brain Development from The Family Hope Center.  Located in Norristown, PA, The Family Hope Center is dedicated to helping children with special needs and their families. They believe that most developmental conditions are caused by specific injuries to the brain and work with families to pinpoint the location of the brain that was injured and develop and individual treatment plan.  Their purpose is to help you and your family improve your child's capacities and quality of life.

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For parents and caregivers of children of any age and ability, Understanding Child Brain Development features the director and vice director of The Family Hope Center, Matthew and Carol Newell.  In this seminar lasting a little over 2 hours, they help parents understand brain function better so they can help their children develop and grow to their fullest potential no matter which end of the brain function spectrum they fall on.  During the seminar you will take a peek into the brain's functions and learn 7 ways that you can start helping your child's brain to function better today.

To order the DVD you can call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development online from IEW  for $19.00.

You can see Andrew Pudewa's introduction to the DVD and why IEW sells it by clicking here.

You can see an except of the DVD here.

As I mentioned above, the DVD is a little over 2 hours long.  It does not have to all be viewed in one sitting though.  You can choose to view the DVD a little at a time by choosing which section you would like to view in the Chapter Menu. You also have a choice of listening in 7 different languages.  The Chapter Menu includes:

Introduction by Andrew Pudewa
Matthew and Carol Newell The Family Hope Center
Child Brain Development-Who's Really Driving
Why Do Brain Dysfunctions Still Exist
The Family Hope Center
The Magnificent Brain
The Sense of Smell
The Sense of Smell in Newborns
The Pons
The Mid-Brain-Creeping
The Cortex
Diagnosis/Treatment at the Family Hope Center
Physiology vs. Pathology
Integrated Therapy
Water and Its Effect on the Human Body

When I was offered Understanding Brain Development as a review, I was very interested in viewing the DVD.  As a mom, how can it NOT benefit us to understand how the brain functions and then be able to better maximize brain function to help our children whatever their age and ability.  I viewed this DVD over the course of 5 days.

 I really like the philosophy of the Family Hope Center, treating each individual as a person and not a disease or a collection of symptoms.  They believe in empowering parents by giving them the information they need to be able to help their children.  Who has more of a vested interest in a child then their parents?  I was fascinated by the information that was presented in the DVD.  It makes so much sense that injuries to the brain are responsible for many conditions and that by pinpointing the area of the brain that was injured they can begin treatments to help the brain heal.  I have for a long time believed that putting babies on their backs was detrimental to their health.  It was amazing to see and hear that confirmed and the reasons why this is true.  I also found the section on Water and Its Effect on the Human Body very fascinating and was very glad that I have gotten rid of my microwave!

It is apparent from the DVD that this was filmed quite awhile ago using older technology.  The sound quality of the DVD is not that great and I had to turn my TV up very loud in order to hear it.  Also, the slides that are being shown on the DVD are not all readable.  Several of them have print that is too small and is very blurry.  But, you can read all of the information that was presented in the DVD with a link to a free companion Understanding Child Brain Development e-book that goes along with the DVD.

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