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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Schoolhouse Expo

Have you ever seen the speaker list at some of the bigger homeschool conventions, and wished that you could go, but it is just too far away?  Or maybe you do have the opportunity to attend a big convention, but you do not have the opportunity to listen to everyone on your list.  The Old Schoolhouse Expo might be just the thing for you!
Schoolhouse Expo

The Old Schoolhouse Expo is a special 5 day event that is scheduled from Aug 19-23rd from 1-8 pm eastern time.  For the $24 cost of a ticket, you will have an opportunity to listen to popular speakers from the comfort of your own home!  And, if you cannot listen during the scheduled time, no worries!  The recordings will be available to everyone who purchases a ticket so you will be able to listen at your leisure.

The list of speakers include:

Ray Comfort
Dean Butler
Barbara Beers
Antony Kolenc
Diana Waring
Hal and Melanie Young
Dr. Jay Wile
Kim Kautzer
Jessica Hulcy
Todd Wilson
Carol Topp
Adam Andrews
Andrew Pudewa
Ann Dunagen
Christine Field
David C Gibbs III
David Stelzl
Davis Carman
Evonne Mandella
Terri Johnson
Tyler Hogan
Andy Harris
Marie Rippel
Jennifer Courtney
Deborah Wuehler
Joachin Fernandez
Heather Laurie
Malia Russel
Eli Dahan

Click here for more information and to purchase a ticket.

Have questions on how the Expo works, click here to access the FAQ page.
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