Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day Back to Homeschool 2013!

Even though we have been doing some schoolwork all summer (mostly reviews), today was the first official day of our 2013/2014 school year.  I have found that is works out much better for us to ease back into a full schedule.  So we usually start with one subject and gradually increase so that by the week after Labor Day we are back up to a full schedule.  Usually I start off with morning schoolwork, but getting out in the morning and working right after lunch has been going so well for us over the summer, I decided we would start off with afternoon school work.  Today the children all dove into their brand new Math U See books.  Well, except for Christian and Chelsea.  Chelsea started Algebra 2 in January so she is still working through it, and Christian was so excited when his books came a few weeks ago that he has already been doing a math lesson everyday.

Since today was our official start to the new year, I took pictures of each of the children in the same spot we do every year, so I can see how much they grow and change throughout the year.

Chelsea 16 1/2 ,12th grade

Nicholas 11 1/2, 6th grade

Alexander 9 3/4, 4th grade

Anthony 8, 2nd grade

Christian 6 1/2, 1st grade
Lillian 4 1/2, Pre-K
Emelia 2 1/2
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