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Our Family

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to Homeschool Week 2 Wrap Up

We finished off another week!  We started working our way back into a "normal" schedule last week, starting with Math and continuing with some reviews we have been working on.  This week, we added in writing.  I am using IEW PAL with Christian and Anthony, and IEW SWI A with Nick and Alex.  Chelsea is using IEW SWI C. Miss Lillian (4) is using a curriculum we are reviewing called Logic of English Foundations.

So how does this all work in our homeschool?  We have been playing outside as much as possible in the mornings.  We usually start lunch at 11 and are finished by 12.  At 12:00 all of the children break out their Math U See books and get to work.  I help as needed.  Next I work with Anthony and Christian with PAL Writing. When we get finished, they each do Reading Kingdom on the computer.  While they are doing Reading Kingdom, I work with Nick and Alex on SWI A.  When they finish with that, we have been working on a bible study from Doorposts called Because You Are Strong (review posting soon.)  We have all of this finished up by 1:30 or so.

Lillian has been working on her All About Reading Pre-1 Letter pages, and her Kumon Math workbook while I work with the boys.  After I am finished working with them, her and I sit down and do The Logic of English Foundations (review posting in a few weeks.)  We have really been enjoying this program!  When we get finished with that, she has an opportunity to use Time For Learning (review posting in a few weeks) on the computer.

I have given up on putting Emelia down for a nap in the afternoon.  It was taking me over an hour to get her to sleep, she wasn't even sleeping an hour, and then it was taking her forever to fall asleep at night.  So, Miss Emelia gets to have a little bit of TV time in the afternoon while we are doing school work, and then she comes in and colors, draws on the whiteboard, or plays quietly in the playroom.  She has been very well behaved except for that one day that she wanted me to read to her while I was working on SWI A with the boys and she threw a fit when I couldn't, but she's 2 and these things can be expected, especially when you are working on a new routine.

We have been done for the day by 2:00. Next week though, we are also adding in Level One of All About Spelling with Christian and Anthony along with the complimentary readers, and Level Three of All About Spelling for Alex.  Since the readers for Level 3 are not yet available( but should be this fall!!) he will be reading aloud from some readers that we purchased off of the Sonlight list at the end of last year.

*links for All About Reading/Spelling are affiliate links.  I only form affiliate relationships with companies whose products I actually use and can recommend!!
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