Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Fun!

Snow is a big deal around here.  We don't see it very often and it doesn't last very long.  Whispers of snow will send flocks of people to Walmart to buy up all the milk and bread just in case.  Schools are cancelled even if there is a chance it might snow.  Friday or Saturday, we started to some a mention of possible snow in the forecast for today.  Last night, we watched the weather and they were in fact calling for the snow to start at about 3:30 am with possible 1-2 inches of accumulation.  By afternoon, the snow was supposed to turn to rain, presenting a chance for sleet, freezing rain, and icy roads Monday evening. 

The children were very excited to see the snow when we got up.  Knowing that it wouldn't last very long, they started looking for warm clothing to head out right after breakfast.  They got out the sled, made a small snowman, and threw some snow balls.  After about an hour they headed in to warm up and we got a little schoolwork done and then bundled up and went back outside.  It is now pouring down rain, so our time in the snow is over.  It will all be melted soon and hopefully won't freeze.

Christian eating snowball

Carrying the sled up the hill
Lily all bundled up

Anthony making a snowman
Christian. Lily, Chelsea making snowballs

Nick, Christian, Chelsea
Alex sledding down the hill

We have a great hill for sledding!
Emelia didn't get to play in the snow

Anthony's snowman
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