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Our Family

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Qualifications to Homeschool

I try not to get offended when people ask me what makes me qualified to homeschool, or when someone who is a public schoolteacher that is considering or beginning homeschooling comments that they are more qualified because of their degree.  The truth is they just don't understand homeschooling at all.

I did really well in school and have a college degree.  I know people who successfully homeschool that have several degrees and people with only a high school education.  It is not a piece of paper that makes you qualified to homeschool.

What makes me qualified to homeschool is the Lord himself.  He blessed me with these 7 children at this exact moment in time for me to , "train up."  He wants me to, (from deutoronomy 6:4-9)" keep his commandments on my heart, impress them on my children, talk about them when we sit at home, walk along the road, when we lie down and when we rise up." 

People don't think they need qualifications to have a child.  Or teach them how to walk, talk,  feed themselves, use the bathroom, or ride a bike..  We teach them to love, have compassion, be a good friend.  From the moment they are born we are teaching them.  Why then, should we need a piece of paper that "qualifies" us to homeschool them.  Homeschooling is much more than teaching children their alphabet or how to add.  The Lord has entrusted these children to us for a time to raise them to further His kingdom and to accomplish His work here on earth.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle designed to teach everything your child needs to know in order to do that.  It looks different to every family and even every child. 

Yes, there are practical things we need to be able to teach our children.  I know that I was worried when I started homeschooling that my child's knowledge would surpass mine in some areas and then what would I do?  I have come to find that even when there are things that you need to teach your children that you don't know or are not very good at, there are many ways to teach them.  You can find an expert in the field to teach them, take an internet course, or just simply surround them with books and information so they can teach themselves.  I don't have to be a Marine Biologist for my daughter to learn Marine Biology.  A text book and some lab assignments will enable her to teach herself. 

We have the freedom as homeschoolers to cater to each child and create a learning environment where they can love to learn.  Parents always want to do the best they can for their children, that includes homeschoolers too.  Being their parent qualifies me to be able to homeschool them.  It doesn't mean I will know everything, or even do everything right all the time.  It does mean that I will strive everyday to love and educate our children the best we can and trust in the fact that whatever God has called us to do, He will equip us for.
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