Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Bunny's New Home

Last spring we got 2 New Zealand rabbits for the children to raise as a 4 H project.  Sadly, our female bunny died of heatstroke which is a big problem for rabbits especially in the south in the summer.  After she died, I learned a great trick to prevent this from happening.  All you need to do is freeze a plastic water bottle and put it in the cage with the rabbit.  The rabbit can rub on the water bottle and keep its body temperature down.  During our hottest days of summer last year, the boys would change out the water bottle several times a day.

Snow, our male rabbit has done very well and has gotten really big.  The boys wanted to build a rabbit hutch for him to live in instead of keeping him in the cage.  So, with the help of their daddy and some scrap material, they were able to build a hutch very inexpensively.  They would like the bunny to be able to come down a ramp and graze in the yard, but we will have to get some fencing to be able to do that.

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