Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art Class 2/24/12

This week the children spent their entire class time (2 hours) working on one project.  They were making medallions out of geometric shapes.  They could do it how ever they wanted they just had to include at least one circle, triangle, and square.  They also had to fill the paper.  After they finished drawing, they had to add color using pencils, chalks, or both and then out lining areas they wanted to be bold with a black sharpie.  The they made a frame for it out of two pieces of construction paper and stored it in their portfolios that they designed and decorated themselves. 

Anthony had a bit of a hard time because he got very frustrated trying to make his look just like the teacher's example.  After having a long conversation with him about how it wasn't going to be exactly the same because it would be his not hers, he decided to give it another try.  Once he got going with it he did quite well.

Lily and Christian did do some drawings with crayons, but mostly they just played.

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