Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Black Friday Shopping For Me This Year

For a long, long, time it has been a tradition.  Get the paper on Thanksgiving, go through all of the ads, and plan a strategy for getting the most out of the Black Friday shopping experience.  I have always loved Black Friday shopping and we have had some fun times!   But, 5 am on Friday was moved back to 12 am last year, and now 10 pm on Thursday this year.  It is no longer Black Friday, it is Thanksgiving Thursday, and maybe it is just me but I don't want to end my Thanksgiving holiday early and I am sure that many working in retail would rather be home with their families.  Not to mention that I am not willing to hang out in Walmart for several hours waiting for the next sale to start (some items go on at 10, 12 and then 5 am) nor am I able to shop the whole day toting a nursing baby that would much rather be in bed.

So this year, The Happy Homeschool Mom is doing all of her Christmas shopping online.  Many retailers are offering special online deals and free shipping.  Some Black Friday deals will be available online, although Walmart is limiting most of its really good deals this year to in store only :(.  Kohls (my favorite store!) has some great deals for this weekend and I have a 15% off coupon and free shipping!  Cyber Monday is another day to stock up on some really good online sales and free shipping offers.

Since the children are so used to getting packages in the mail from reviews, they don't even bat an eye when the UPS man comes up our driveway.  This year instead of fighting crowds, I am shopping in my jammies!
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