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Our Family

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Baby Started on Solid Foods

Emelia's first time in her high chair

All of the children brought her some toys to play with

Emelia eating bananas
Emelia is now almost 8 months old!  I thought I would write a blog post on transitioning to solid foods.  Breastfed babies do not need anything nutritionally until they are over a year old.  Breast milk contains everything a baby needs (a great reason to breastfeed.)  I am never in a big hurry to start our babies on solid foods.  Besides the fact that they don't need it, it honestly is a lot more work for me.  I like to wait until the baby shows interest in food and has a couple of teeth.  Miss Emelia does not have any teeth, but she has a lot of interest in what is on our plates.  I do not use baby food at all.  I believe it is a huge waste of money and can make for a much pickier eater.  Instead, we start feeding our babies food right from the table that they can eat.  Emelia's first food was bananas after she would not stop reaching for her daddy's one day at lunch.  Since then she has applesauce, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and ice cream (she really likes ice cream!) and the occasional taste of frosting or chocolate.  I also will cook veggies until they are very soft, puree them in the blender, and feed them to the baby.  Canned peaches or pears also puree really well in the blender.  As we gradually add in foods (easier when the baby has teeth) Emelia will be dining on whatever it is that we are eating, but still nursing several times a day.    I find this much easier and less expensive!
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