Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chelsea's Sew With Cotton Contest Entry

Every year, the Arkansas Farm Bureau sponsors a Sew With Cotton competition to promote the use of cotton by requiring 100 percent cotton in all materials used.  There are 3 divisions, youth 14-19 and adult (no professionals allowed)  and special. The entrant must construct all of their garment and model it themselves.  There is prize money for the top 5 placements in each category and the sweepstakes winner can also win a portable serger.

Chelsea is the only youth in our county that entered.  She has been working for months on her dress along with the help of our county extension agent and our 4 H program assistant.  She has been spending 8 hours every week in the office working on the dress.  It has been so good for her to work with the 4 H ladies especially since my sewing skills are no where near theirs (or even Chelsea's now.)  I am so proud of how much work and effort she put into her entry and how well it turned out.  She headed off to Little Rock today and the competition is in the morning.  She is excited but also a bit nervous so say a prayer for her.  She doesn't expect to win anything, she said she was doing it to gain the experience and at 14 will be one of the youngest entrants.  Here is her dress:

 Didn't she do a great job?  (Sigh)  My baby is growing up way to fast!  We will know tomorrow afternoon how it went.
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