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Our Family

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 10

I know I lived the first 21 years of my life in Western New York and the weather here is no where near as cold as it was there, but I do not love cold weather.  Monday morning I had planned on taking the children to the park to walk the nature trail after we took care of our cat sitting chores, but it was only 39 degrees and I did not to be outside.  So we went to Walmart and bought some things I needed for Kid's Club instead. We did end up going to the trail later that afternoon the second time I had to be in town and it was much warmer then.

This school year has been so crazy, it has been very hard to be able to just sit back and enjoy any of our school year or to do any extra fun projects.  We rush from one thing to the next.  But, after this week it will slow down some and at the end of this semester things should get back to normal.

After we came home from our morning trip to town to take Nick we had to work on making some cookies for a community service project called Cookies for Cops.  As those were baking we got started on some school work.  We started with our Weave Your Word in Me Bible Study and then moved on to Geography from Let's Go Geography.  This week's country was Columbia.  By the time we finished that it was time for lunch.

After lunch each of the children did a math lesson in MLFLE.  The boys started working on Step 19 in AAS.  On Mondays I teach the lesson and introduce the words and then they write 4 sentences using the words that I dictate to them.  Lily worked on The Magic Stories.  I sat down with Emmie and did lessons 19 and 20 in AAR Level 1.  Reading Johnny Tremain is taking longer then I planned but it is a long book.  Christian and Anthony read a chapter of Johnny Tremain.

Then we headed back to town to deliver our cookies.  All of the officers were working at an accident when we delivered.

We walked the Nature Trail and played at the playground until it was time to pass Alex and Christian off to Art who was taking them to soccer practice.

Tuesday morning we did some yoga.  We worked on Bible study and then Lesson 10 in America's Story on George Washington and the French and Indian War.  I didn't think the lesson gave enough information so I dug out my Home School in the Woods American Revolution CD and read the lesson on the French and Indian War.  We also did a lesson in Thinking Like an Engineer on water purification. After lunch I dictated more sentences to the boys for spelling, Lily answered some questions for her Magic Story, the boys read Johnny Tremain, we did some Math flashcards and they all did a math lesson.  Emmie worked on Reading Eggs.

Mr Liam only slept 30 minutes....

We had gymnastics...

And the championship soccer game.  It was cold that night!  And windy.  The game did not go well.  One of our players got hurt, we were loosing 4-1 at the end of the third quarter so our coach forfeited the game.  They did not get to finish it.  It was Alex's last game at the park.  Next season he will be too old.

Wednesday we did our Bible lesson and watched an Engineering video on engineering challenges facing this generation.  My boys were especially interested in Virtual Reality.  We also started our science lesson on how plants transport water, but I completely forgot to do the experiment! In the afternoon we did math, dictated more spelling sentences, and the boys kept reading.  I did lesson 21 in AAR Level One with Emmie.

Then we headed to Kid's Club.

Thursday morning we did more yoga.  After our Bible lesson we did some of the activities for our history lesson.  They colored a map of the lands that were being disputed, drew George Washington's head, and answered some questions about the lesson. In the afternoon we had our spelling test for Step 19 in AAS, did a math lesson, and the boys kept reading. 

We got Liam ready to go get his pictures taken.

And then headed to music lessons.

Friday we ran errands, did our cat sitting chores for the last time, and then enjoyed an afternoon and evening at home!

We dropped to 28 degrees Friday nigh and 25 Saturday so I turned on the heater downstairs.

My children have been playing hockey together on the nights we have been home this week.  We only have two actual hockey sticks so the others play with sticks they found in the yard.  Lily and Christian play on skates.  We have to leave the dog in the house when they play or she barks at them and steals the ball.

Alex seems to have gotten into a better routine with his schoolwork.  Time management is going better and the work is getting completed.  Now that he has gotten past the introductory stuff I think the lessons have gotten a bit more interesting.  The science especially was pretty dry at the beginning of the year. 

Nick's robotics class at the school is going very well.  He got his first report card and has an A in the class.  The competition is this coming week.  We will go up and watch them compete.  I need to go through the rest of his work this afternoon and see how much he has gotten completed.  He did tell me that he has not enjoyed reading The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty that was assigned to go along with his history lessons in Notgrass World History.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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