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Our Family

Monday, October 16, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 8

This week was a bit of a homeschool bust.  Things didn't go as planned.

Monday morning after we dropped Nick off for his class, he went to the co-op and bought a new pair of clippers for the goats.  If you read my last week's post, that will make sense because we had a goat with a very bad haircut, one goat that hadn't been cut, and some dead clippers.  I cringed at the cost of the clippers they had, I did not want to spend the money!! I was assured that they were good quality and would last a really long time.  Our goats needed a haircut, so I spent the money.

After we got finished at the co-op we went and walked the Nature Trail at the park.  We had not walked back there since last spring.  It was a really pretty morning and they were excited to find some painted rocks.  At the end of the trail we saw a squirrel that did not look like a gray squirrel. he fascinated us and we watched him for quite awhile, we think it was a fox squirrel.

When we got home after picking Nick up, we headed home to do some school work.  We got through our Bible lesson, worked on the poem God and the Soldier, and did our geography lesson on Chile.  By then it was lunch time.

After lunch we went out to see how the clippers worked and trim a goat.  They worked great!  I wish I'd spent the money on them the first time.  It was so hot though, we were roasting!  I'm sure the goat felt better!  The younger children completed a math lesson.  Alex and I barely had time to run in and shower after finishing one goat before heading off to music lessons.

After music lessons I was home long enough to do a few quick chores and fix a quick supper.  Then it was time to drive Christian and Alex to soccer.

When I got home Emmie told me she needed some medicine because she had a sore throat.  Ug.  Emmie gets sick to her stomach when she has a sore throat.  I was really hoping it was going to be a mild thing and that wouldn't happen.  1:30 in the morning she was running fever and threw up.

Tuesday morning Emmie was still sick.  She just wanted to lay with her head in my lap.  After Nick got home we did a Bible lesson and then watched our Introduction to Engineering video and the children worked on a building challenge to build a tower using 4 sheets of computer paper and 1 foot of masking tape.  They did a math lesson and that was all there was to our school day.  Nick helped with Liam while I took care of Emmie and Alex and Christian worked on fixing the bad haircut on the other goat and trimmed hooves.

I dropped Lily off at gymnastics and her daddy picked her up.

Emmie continued to get worse all day long so I decided she really needed to go to the doctor Wednesday morning.  I took Nick to school, called the doc as soon as they opened, and went home to get her ready to go.  Her appointment was 10:15 so we picked Nick up and headed over there a little early.  Every chair was full (another ug!!) Nick went and sat in the van.  I didn't blame him.  I didn't want to be in there either!  Anyway an odd thing happened while we were in the waiting room.  Emmie started talking.  She hadn't said a word since Monday night.  I thought hmmmmm......When we made it to a room and were waiting for them to do a strep test, she said she was hungry.  She had not had anything but some sips of water since Monday night either.  As you probably know her strep test came back negative.  She started eating and drinking a short while later.  I continued to give her an antihistamine and Tylenol for the rest of the day but by the next day she had no fever and her throat didn't hurt any more.

By the time we got home it was after lunch.  We watched 2 episodes of Drive Thru History American History and called it good.

A short time after that we had to head to Kid's Club.  Emmie stayed on the coach in the parlor far away from all the other kids and watched Netflix on my iPad.

Thursday we had a regular school day.  We did a Bible lesson, worked on our poem.  We read through lesson 8 in America's Story on William Penn and Pennsylvania.  We also watched one more lesson of Drive Thru History. We completed another engineering lesson and did some research on different types of engineers.  All of the children did a math lesson. Anthony and Christian did step 17 in AAS and worked on their Readers in Residence lesson.  Emmie did some Reading Eggs and Anthony did a Reading Eggspress lesson. 

That night Alex and Christian had a soccer game.

Friday was our usual errands and grocery shopping.  I took the children home and went and had lunch with my husband.  My children pulled out their chess set that hasn't been used in quite awhile and have been playing quite a few chess tournaments.Saturday we spent the day cleaning the van and getting things ready for the state fair! (that didn't go as planned either but that's a story for another day)

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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