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Our Family

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 7

Monday morning I woke up grumpy.  I was tired.  I didn't get enough sleep.  I didn't get as much accomplished over the weekend as I wanted to and here it was another Monday morning.  I had to roll out of bed early, get all of the children dressed and out the door by 7:25.  Instead of being able to get all of the things done I needed to do I had to stay in town as has been our routine since Nick started taking Robotics at the high school this year.  I was just feeling kind of fed up with everything.  And then as I was walking in the park I started thinking.  It was a beautiful morning.  the sun was shining and the temperatures were beautiful.  We have a beautiful park in our town that is kept up nicely.  There are many things to do there.  We live in a safe place that you don't have to worry about walking in the park . I could think of a whole lot worse ways to spend a Monday morning then with my children at the park.  I decided I would choose to enjoy it rather then being grumpy about it.  What a difference in attitude you can have when you choose to count your blessings rather then look at the negative in everything ( I need to remind myself of this often!)

The kitten that we found in the shop last week is still hanging around.  It is not our neighbors cat so I assume it was dumped somewhere close by.  We have a house cat named Sally who is around 5 years old.  She is not allowed outside, although she tries to get out from time to time.  She is fat and lazy and well loved when she chooses to let others love on her.   We have two outside cats, Lucky and Jack.  They are brothers.  We got them when I was looking for a cat to rid the shop of mice (when you have animal feed you have mice!) I detest mice.  We ended up with both of them because the owner didn't want to separate them (they are very attached to each other), and they had had their shots and were fixed, so we brought them home.  They have done a great job with the mice and are friendly and sweet to the children.  Now this new cat we have named Marshmallow.  She is very sweet and playful.  The children have spent a lot of time playing with her. They are trying to get me to bring her in the house but I am not sure we need another creature inside to upset the natural order of things.....

Our Activities this Week:

Monday Lily and Alex had music lessons in the afternoon.  Lily is really enjoying hers, I think Alex is but 13 is a HARD age and it's not easy to tell. 

The boys had soccer practice that evening.

Tuesday was a soccer game.  Christian did not play because he had a stomach ache.  He stayed in the van and watched Netflix on my phone (which is why I didn't get any pictures.)  He was feeling just fine the next day.

Nick had youth.

Wednesday was Kid's Club. 

Thursday Nick and Alex had a teen leader meeting.

Friday we had our usual errands and grocery shopping.

Week 7 in our Homeschool:

Bible:  We started using a Bible study this week from Kid Niche Christian books called Weave Your Word in Me.  We also continued reading through the book of Luke and read from Luke chapters 10 and 11.

P.E.: Walking at the park.

Poetry: We started memorizing God and the Soldier.

Geography: This week we studied Greenland

History: We completed lesson 7 in America's Story on Life in the Colonies.  We colored a map of the 13 colonies, designed a floor plan of a house, and read the lesson.  I have ordered Drive Thru History's American History DVDs to add a bit more to our lessons and can't wait until they get here.

Science:  We started a new course called Think Like an Engineer from Innovator's Tribe (upcoming review.) We watched the first two lessons.  We also read lesson 6 in Science in the Age of Reason about when the correct shape of the earth was discovered. 

Math:  Emmie completed two lessons in CTC Math.  I continue to work on multiplication flashcards with Anthony and Christian.  They all completed 4 lessons in MLFLE.

Reading/Spelling:  Emmie started Reading Eggs last week and LOVES it!  She also worked on Phonics Museum.  Her working on these two things was good for me this week when unexpected things happened and I did not get back to AAR with her.  We will pick back up with that next week.  Lily completed lessons 45 and 46 in AAR Level 3.  Anthony and Christian completed step 16 in AAS Level 4.

Language Arts:  Christian and Anthony are still working on the On Your Own Historical Fiction section in Readers in Residence.  They are enjoying Johnny Tremain, especially when they read about characters that we have learned about in history and other books we have read. 

Alex 8th Grade:  Alex's science lessons this week were on charts and graphs.  His language arts assignments included a quiz and lessons on listening with a purpose.  Math lessons were on multiplying, adding, and subtracting integers.  History lessons were on colonial lifestyles, life in a Puritan colony, Mid-Atlantic lifestyles, and the middle bread colonies.

Nick 10th Grade:  Nick completed lesson 7 in MUS Algebra II.  In history he completed lessons 17 and 18.  In Marine Biology he started module 3 and read chapter 7 in health.

We are a little over a week from the state fair.  We have never been there before and this year will be showing our goats. In preparation for the fair the goats needed their hair cut, and hooves trimmed.  There was a miscommunication about trimming horns.  The boys thought they needed to be cut again . Unfortunately it was cut it too deep and cut a blood vessel.  Thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding and the goat is ok.  Then Jessie got a hair cut but the trimmers are not working properly (trimmers I just bought a few months ago and have only been used a few times!) and her haircut looks rough.  We were not able to cut Bessie's hair at all.  Tomorrow I need to see if I can get another pair so we can cut her hair and trim her other horn to look more like the short one without cutting too far.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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