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Our Family

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Homeschool Wrap Up Week 6

The week started out hot but then cooled off to more fall like temperatures.  It has been very pretty in the mornings when we have been at the park and no rain in several weeks.  The children swam a few days this week trying to finish soaking up the rest of summer. 

Week 6 in our Homeschool

Bible: We read from Luke 8:25-Luke 10.

P.E.:  We walked in the park 3 days this week.  My children are fascinated with this tree. 

Poetry:  We continued working on The Duke of Plaza Toro this week.  We will be moving on next week.

Geography: In Let's Go Geography we studied Belize.  I really like this geography curriculum.  We only use it one day a week.  There are mapping activities, crafts (if you choose to do them), information on the country, photos, and links to youtube videos that you can watch about the country.

History:  This week we completed lesson 6 in America's Story on Squanto and the first Thanksgiving.

Science:  We completed lesson 5 in Science in the Age of Reason which taught about Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the first smallpox inoculations.  We did an experiment called protection from cabbage.  The same day we did this, we were reading in Rush Revere and the American Revolution and strangely enough there was a section in that book that discussed smallpox when the time traveling bunch time jumps to see Dr. Warren and he wants to inoculate Cam for smallpox.

Math: Emmie completed 4 lessons in CTC Math.  Christian, Lily, and Anthony completed 4 lessons in MLFLE.

Spelling/Reading: Anthony and Christian completed step 15 in AAS Level 4.  Lily completed lessons 43 and 44 in AAR Level 3 and Emmie completed lessons 17 and 18 in AAR Level 1.  Emmie also started on Reading Eggs on Thursday and I had Anthony start on Reading Eggspress (upcoming review.)

Language Arts:  In Readers in Residence the boys continued reading Johnny Tremain.  They are working on comparing their characters in this book to Sarah Plain, and Tall and documenting how they know that the book they are reading is classified as a historical fiction.  Lily did a worksheet on nouns and completed a reading comprehension worksheet.

Alex 8th Grade: Alex's language arts lessons were on speaking expressively.  His history lessons were on the British colonies, New England Colonies, Middle and Southern Colonies, and Colonial Government.  Science lessons were on mass, density, measurement and graphs.  Math lessons were on functions and analyzing graphs.

Nick 10th Grade: When you have older children, homeschool lessons change, at least in my house.  After choosing the curriculum and a start date, you become more of a support system then a teacher.  I am here for help if he needs it, but mostly he is responsible for his work.  I reminded him the other day that I don't control what he completes week to week.  If we choose not to complete as much as we should then it will take longer to complete his school year or he will end up working on the week-ends to catch up.  I will say that Nick is pretty good about doing his work regularly and at a good pace.  I do go back and look at what he has completed once a week just to see where he is at and if he is struggling with anything in particular.  This week he completed lesson 6 in MUS Algebra II, chapter 6 in Total Health, lessons 14, 15, and 16 in history, and completed Module 2 in Marine Biology.

Other Activities:

Monday our music lessons were postponed until Thursday.  Christian and Alex had soccer practice.

Tuesday was gymnastics and senior high youth.

Wednesday was Kid's Club. 

Thursday we had music lessons, followed by a 4 H meeting, followed by a soccer game.

Friday Art took a vacation day to do some maintenance on the van.  I sold 12 chickens.  Yay!  I made Lily sad because I apparently sold her favorite chicken by mistake.... Nick and Alex went to the football game Friday night.

Saturday morning I found this in our shop.  We fed her and she seems happy to hang around.

I hope you had a great week!

Happy Homeschooling!

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